as The gold rush came to the last day of a summit in our country, but it doesn’t have to be there. As a resident of the United Kingdom, won Tuesday night’s jackpot for EuroMillions is to in one fell swoop 190 million richer to call. There was also a Belgian player, but is only in grade 3 (for 5-digit, and the 0 stars just great for the amount of each of the 24.862 of the euro.

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It was with great excitement looking forward to the draw, because of a 190 million euros is a massive amount of money made by the participating countries, the maximum amount was set for the EuroMillions lottery. For the past four draws, no winner is produced, it was time to get one of his. As there was Tuesday night, no one with the 5 numbers and 2 stars, it would have been, had anyone in a rank 2 or rank 3 is the jackpot. But to the extent that it was not the winner ran well in a grade 1.

on Friday the draw back to the amount of € 17 million.
More about the Euromillions lottery EuroMillions jackpot of 190 million euros in the so Jackpot for the EuroMillions is 190 million is not a Belgian to win a 5 million Prize pool, the EuroMillions has a maximum, and that it has not gone unnoticed: “a Lot of money, isn’t it” you can Play along with the Euromillions lottery? Thus, the chances that you have of 188 million euros to win