Jackie Chan’s Upcoming Film Faces Criticism for Being “Tacky” and “Outdated”; Calls for Retirement

The highly-anticipated sequel to Jackie Chan’s 2005 movie, The Myth, titled A Legend, is set to premiere in Chinese cinemas on July 12. However, the release of the movie’s trailer on Weibo last week has stirred up a storm of negative reactions from netizens.

With a reported production budget of US50 million (S$67 million) and six months of filming, the movie showcases Jackie Chan doing his own stunts while utilizing AI technology to portray a 27-year-old version of himself. Directed by Stanley Tong, A Legend also features Lay Zhang, Gulnazar, and Li Chen in prominent roles.

Despite the star-studded cast and high expectations, the trailer failed to impress many viewers. Criticisms were directed towards the computer-generated graphics, labeled as “awkward” and “outdated”, with the overall feel of the movie being described as “tacky”. Some netizens even went as far as calling Jackie Chan’s involvement in the project “regrettable” and suggested that it might be time for the legendary actor to consider retirement.

While there are still fans eagerly anticipating Lay Zhang’s performance in the film, the overall reception seems to be less than enthusiastic. With comments flooding Weibo expressing disappointment in the quality of A Legend compared to its predecessor, the question arises: is the judgment on this new movie premature?

As discussions continue online, it remains to be seen whether A Legend will be able to overcome the initial backlash and win over audiences upon its release.

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