Jack Gerard, for the first time, reacted to the sudden departure of Daphne from the Farmer seeks. A woman. “The tears were real,” he said to All, “as for my feelings”.

Jack Gerard, says there’s no bones about it: the departure of Daphne, was a tremendous blow. In the program, she told us that Gerard is apparently just on the lookout for a wife. This is where the farmer will not agree, but he makes a somewhat mea culpa . He admits that he may have been a little better was to listen, show interest, and a bit less on himself, and had to talk about. “It has opened my eyes”, they said, it is still in this. “I realize now that there is more to life than working all alone.”

finally, Daphne was slightly put – out jack on the farm of George. “After the first night, I wanted to do every day,” she said earlier. “But, don’t get me wrong”, says Daphne. “Gerard is a brave and kind-hearted man, but he didn’t feel well. We were on the same wave length.”

READ ON FOR MORE. Daphne gets herself off ” a Farmer seeks. the woman and let her jack was shocked, and out: “After the first night, I wanted to be all the way”