Ivana Knöll: who is this Miss and supporter of Croatia who is causing a stir in Qatar?


She is one of the fans to follow during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Since the start of the competition on November 20, Ivana Knöll has caused a sensation among the spectators present in the stands of the stadiums of the Qatari country. And, for good reason, this former Miss and faithful supporter of the Croatian team reveals herself at each match with very sexy outfits.

Followed by 1.5 million subscribers on Instagram, the Croatian influencer proudly wears the colors of her epic, reigning vice-world champion, to the delight of her fans. Blue, white and red from every angle: in a bikini on the beach, in tight leggings in the stands or revealing her generous cleavage on the canvas, the young woman, living between Miami and Croatia, does not hesitate to defy the rules of dress to raise the temperature (already high) in Qatar.

If the very hot model and supporter already has a lot of fans on social networks and in the stadiums, her provocative style may not please the authorities of the host country of the football world. While spectators are asked to wear long pants, dresses, skirts and shirts, Ivana Knöll assures that she has not been worried for the moment. “The locals confirmed to me that I could wear whatever I wanted (…) But I had no idea that my video in a bikini walking by the sea would make so much noise. The whole country is talking about it. Everyone knows me here, and I saw that I was accepted”, she indicated to the American site TMZ Sport.

According to her statements relayed by several media, this creator of a brand of swimwear is not afraid to defy the ban. “I’ve never been afraid of being arrested for being who I am, and I don’t think I can hurt anyone wearing a bikini. And if that’s worth stopping, then arrest me,” she insisted. While Luka Modric’s Croatia team will face Neymar’s Brazil this Friday, December 9 in the quarter-finals, the young woman will be in the front row to encourage her country.

While waiting for this duel at the top, Ivana Knöll continues to share her most beautiful photos and videos which have accumulated millions of views. Here is his portrait in pictures through our slideshow.