Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has let us know that he would be able to live had to be Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari would be like to drive one, but he thinks that he is the new world champion will be true to the brand with the star.

The negotiations between Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton over a new contract after 2020, it may be on its way to go. The six times world champion and Mercedes have hinted that they like each other to want to go any further.

note that In the Formula 1 things can change, and it is reasonable to assume that Hamilton is, at his age, decides to go with a team with a shot at the world title, to do so.

In that context, there is a combined Ferrari and Toto Wolff will not be classified as abnormal.

“It’s normal that the riders are always dreaming of a Ferrari, and the most important brand in Formula 1,” said Toto Wolff, as opposed to ‘Sky Italia.’ “Red is the color of the sun to be in F1.”

now, the question is whether Hamilton will need to go to the sun, responds to David as follows: “the fact That he does not, he will have to win.”

“He should be in the team, and for the people who would like to work. The feeling and the heart are especially at the Mercedes, at this point in time.”

David please keep in mind that if Hamilton will ever have to a Ferrari and wants to race, that he would be there in 2021, undoubtedly, the work will be, and he will give him anything in the way if that is the case.

“We hope that we have the most competitive drivers in Formula 1. He is our number one priority today. However, if he is a closer look at the market, we need to do the same thing. And there are others that I really like,” isn’t motorsportbaas of the brand.

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