Big Boho Summer on the Horizon

Chemena Kamali made waves in the fashion world with her debut Chloé collection during Paris Fashion Week. The ’70s-inspired romance and free-wheeling leatherware breathed new life into the iconic fashion house, drawing in a crowd of Chloé girls in matching wedges. The coordinated effort was a brilliant PR move that quickly became the talk of the town, signaling the return of Boho fashion in a big way.

The Boho trend was not exclusive to Chloé, as other designers showcased their own take on the style during Fashion Month. From Ralph Lauren’s bohemian silks to Stella McCartney’s relaxed eveningwear, Boho elements were prevalent on the runways. Even accessories embraced the trend, with oversized bags and statement necklaces making a comeback.

Celebrities like Sienna Miller, Bella Hadid, and Jodie Turner-Smith have been spotted rocking Boho-inspired looks both on and off the red carpet. The resurgence of Boho fashion is not just a passing trend but a long-awaited return to effortless and free-spirited style.

As the summer approaches, expect to see more Boho vibes everywhere you look. This trend is here to stay, offering a refreshing and timeless aesthetic that appeals to fashion lovers of all ages. So, get ready to channel your inner free spirit and embrace the Big Boho Summer ahead.