the Disappointment in Italy, after the Genk football club of Naples, on a nice tie, did, in the Champions League (0-0). The Italian press, who are willing to admit that the People in the match and also had a chance to win, is to focus: “There will have been talking about it.”

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“it’s just Incredible in a match that is Right on paper should have won, were a goalkeeper,editor’s note) Alex Meret is the best out of the Azzuri’s, it starts to Gazzetta dello Sport in the analysis of think-Right. And yet, in the matchverslag. “And what ‘looks’ Right! This had to be the easiest task, but instead, it managed to Genk, even Such as his own fear to help him.”

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one of The leading Italian sportblad is clear from the corner. “In spite of the fact that This is three times the doelhout it was, it was in the first half, being pressured by the Bathroom. This was very hard to get the game in our hands. After a rest, they were successful in the game market, but they could not find the key. Here, you will have been talking about will be about the quality of the game as well as the inefficiency of some of the most popular players of This, as Lozano, Allan, Fabian Ruiz, and mostly Owned by.”

La Repubblica: “Genk did well to win”:

“The match at the Luminus’s Arena has it Right once again with both feet on the ground,” according to La Repubblica . “In belgium, we saw a team that maturity is missing, and that several times, and the opportunities left to the players to attract, but it is also vulnerable against Genk, belgium. Also had a Mazzu, and Genk) and the match to win. The host showed himself to be far from shy, and Meret was a two time act after another.”

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“After a rest, tried to Such as Genk’s of a piece with one of the other veldbezetting. After an hour, the game looked like a candle think much of it, but the Azzuri were not cool enough for them to benefit, in spite of a massive chance for Callejon. In the castle you got to Hagi for the home team to win, even with the most likely, but he knew he had a slip of The not the outside. Hopefully This will make them a draw at the end of the day, no need to curse, as was the case last year, it happened at the Red Star, is a reference to the Italian newspaper, the took off from Rome in the previous year.

the Corriere dello Sport: “Genk is playing at home, high-class”

“Right, knew that it is superior to Atlantis, but also that it’s supposed to be. The Belgian team is playing at a high tempo and with a lot of intensity in our own stadium,” according to Corriere dello Sport . “It wasn’t a brilliant match in Rome, but it is a very good result was possible if just one of the many opportunities to touch it, it would have been great. However, as a result of the expectations of the young, handsome, winning against Liverpool.”

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