The voice of the victims on France 2. For a month, Faustine Bollaert devotes a section dedicated to justice in It starts today. The opportunity for the host to welcome guests every afternoon who have seen their lives changed forever.

For this unpublished number broadcast Monday, November 21, the presenter Faustine Bollaert gave the floor to the victims of “Machiavellian ambush”. Among the guests of her testimonial show, Sirine started the show by telling her poignant and moving story. Aged 21 at the time of the events, this Swiss woman lived through hell with a narcissistic, jealous and violent pervert who set a trap for her the day after her birthday.

Faced with Faustine Bollaert, the young brunette reveals an edifying story about her ex-companion. “He asks me a lot of questions about my private life: ‘Do I talk to boys since we’re no longer together?’ I tell him that’s none of his business. That’s my life and that we are not here for that at all”, she explains, describing her aggressive behavior. “I didn’t recognize him.”

During her testimony, Sirine evokes the actions of her ex-boyfriend, in particular searching through her phone or beating her after she tried to pick up her smartphone thrown out of the car window. “When I bend down to grab my phone, he kicks me. I fall to the ground,” recalls the young woman.

Insults, spitting, blows and wounds… The young woman suffered a surge of hatred from this individual for two hours. “I was trying to protect my face as much as possible. It’s like giving him the rest of my body and protecting my face,” Sirine says on set. Faced with the behavior of the one she considered “the man of her life”, the young woman was alerted by her mood swings. “There were signals that alerted, but I was in a manipulation and in a gear coming from him”.

A strong and moving testimony that has touched many Internet users on social networks. “So young … and already bruised”, “Difficult to rebuild after such an ordeal”, “What courage to have come to tell what you have been through. I am shocked by what you have endured during these long hours. . I wish you a lot of courage in your reconstruction, take care of yourself,” wrote fans of the show on Instagram.

A story that echoed the past of some Internet users, also victims of domestic violence. “It looks like my story”, “An ex kidnapped me, beat me, raped me and tried to kill me several times. I am destroyed”, they reported on the social network. Today far from this man judged for his actions, Sirine lives surrounded by his relatives and thanked the public for their messages. “Thank you all for your wonderful messages of support,” she wrote under the post. As a reminder to witnesses and victims of this violence, contact Violences Femmes info on 3919 (anonymous and free call).

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