On the heels of their American low-cost airline, Spirit Airlines from Chicago to Baltimore, expecting no great luxury, but for one woman, who, defying all imagination. A drunk passenger is handed over to the head of the woman, and then the entire plane was evacuated, it was to be a specialized cleaning service.

as for The horror-for the reizigster had a lot to do with the drunk of the three men. The two of them were the first in the whole of the cabin is wet with a toilet and a faucet open to allow.

are The flight attendants were very useful, but the situation just kept on escalating, even more so when a third man drank, sat down. Ladderzat, he could have been stomach contents can no longer keep up with. Instead of going to the toilet, and run with it, he was right, and gave up on the spot about it. At the head of a young blonde passenger, much to the disgust of the wife, and all the passers-by.

the Traveler Had Smith a shot at the whole thing and watched as the lady’s calm, tried to stay, and a flight attendant with a plastic glove in her hair, trying to detangle it. “If I had been, I would have probably died of shame and filth,” according to Smith, is on Twitter.

Also, Spirit Airlines has decided to step in and decided it was too clear for a thorough cleaning. The woman was allowed to shower, and came out a moment later with a wet, clean hair again. “As if nothing had happened, and that deserved some respect. And a refundable plane ticket” said Smith. If that is done, it is not known.