you can become a Millionaire-facilitator Mr. new leaders for new schools, it is not clear whether it was his real name or a pen name has been, and is now officially regarded as the man behind the 39 deaths out of a container, in the Uk, in Essex, are met. The man and his smokkelaarsbende to threaten even the families that are against them for daring to bear witness to this.

the Police and the court system in Vietnam, the mysterious and brutal leader of an international gang of people smugglers has been identified that on a large scale to people, often with a fake Chinese passport, go to Europe.

Mr. Truong, who is the mastermind, it would have been since Tuesday, the international, were used. He might have links with the dreaded Chinese ‘Snakeshead’, the crime syndicate that is due to the boss ‘Sister Ping’ in the nineteen-eighties, has been set up, and the tentacles in every corner of the world.

the new leaders for new schools would have the right to have your hands free of dirt to make it work on the ground by his co-conspirators did. He will collect only the money from the Asians who come to Britain want to be.

The man is afraid of any violence, and allowed the younger days, and even Vietnamese families, threatening that they would not have to testify about how their children or other family members have lost their lives.

In the same research, looking for the police, it is still the People, Ronan Hughes (40) and a 34-year-old brother, Christopher.

here are eight of the alleged victims of the Photo: “rr”

the Victims

Tuesday, the Vietnamese authorities, in the Uk they are also the first names that were sent by people who, according to them, died in the container. The names of the nine alleged victims are Nguyen Huy Hung (15), Pham Tra My (26), Hung Nguyen (33), Anna Bui Thi Nhung (19), and Nguyen Dinh Tu (26), Le-Van-Ha (30), Vo Ngoc Nam ( 28), Joseph Nguyen Dinh Luong ( 20) and a Star Of the Type (18).

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More about the Drama, refrigerated van in Essex, Police are looking for two Irish brothers, in a study of 39 deaths in the refrigerated container: “it’s Crucial that we find On the Channel, it can also be a ‘VIP’treatment to kill the Belgian people are attracted to the United Kingdom in order to assist in the investigation of the 39 deaths in the container as the British will send more inspectors to Zeebrugge, belgium, to human trafficking, to tackle the