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End of luxury. The thermal wind itself has gone to your appointment at the ensenada de San Simón and the KiteFest Unemployed has been able to close its third edition with perfect conditions for the practice of kitesurfing. After not having been able to complete any test yesterday by the lack of wind, the fleet has played two tests of regatta and the spectacular display of jumps and maneuvers in front of the beach of Unemployed.

Though the morning started again with a lot of sun and a gentle breeze as they moved the hour, the thermal wind component west began to fill the cove and the edge of 13:30 hours participants already were preparing to get out on the water.

Finally, with conditions of about 25 knots stable, the race Committee gave the honking of output for two test regatta in which more than 70 riders gave quite a show in the ensenada de San Simón.

In category foil, David González Mariño was the victor of the appointment to organize the TMKiteClub and the Concello de Redondela with the sponsorship of the Xunta de Galicia. With a first and a second scored, Mariño managed to win with two points advantage over the second classified, Mario Martinez. Behind, the third place was occupied by Andrew Douglas.

For his part in the category surf, the champion of Spain, strapless David Marín (Eleveight) was the big winner of the day with two brilliant victories in the two contested trials, taking the title ahead of Rubén Cano and Ramón Mantilla, second and third, respectively.

In twintip, day round also to Ruben Martinez, who scored two first places and became the winner with five points of advantage on Pedro de Castro, who was second, and eight on July, Francisco Fernandez, who finished fourth.

Another of the categories that participated in this third edition of the KiteFest was the amateur, which saw riders not members of a federation of all the categories. The victory in this division went to Antonio Fernández Veloso ahead of Alberto Martinez and Sergio Lozano.

In general, absolute male and female, which rewarded the best students without differentiating between categories depending on the type of table, the winners were again the champion of Spain, strapless David Marin in the men’s and Camila Blaide in the female.

The show, finishing touch of luxury

after the race, the fleet returned to the beach to give way to one of the most anticipated moments of the event: the exhibition. Riders of the first national and international level gave quite a show in front of the beach of Lost with their best tricks, jumps and maneuvers.

Ruben Cano, rider for North Kiteboarding, was the one who took the victory in strapless imposed after its competitors with the best trick in front of the judges. In freestyle, for its part, the victory was for the president of the TMKiteClub Just Fernandez Voena, while in big air the highest jump offered Antonio Fernández Beloso.

So, with the awards ceremony held at 20:00 hours in the village of the event, Leaving leaving note the third edition of the great event of the season of kite-surfing in Galicia.