Isabelle Adjani: who are the men in her life?


During her long career as an actress, the sublime Isabelle Adjani has known several men who have capsized her heart. Today, the actress is single and fully fulfilled. Currently on the poster for the historical series of France 2 Diane de Poitiers, she returned to her love situation in an interview with Télé-Loisirs. “There is less and less space. The guy would have to go through the ceiling or be catapulted to enter my house,” she said. “I only see that around me, girls crying. And I tell them: ‘You see me, me: I’m all alone, I’ve never been better, I can do what I want, it is awesome!'” she concluded. In May 2022, the actress explained to Paris Match that she no longer wanted someone to “poison (her) daily life.”

In an interview with the Spanish version of Vanity Fair magazine published in November 2021, the star returned to one of her relationships which particularly affected her. This is his relationship with a certain Bruno Nuytten, a cinematographer met on the set of the film Barroco in 1976. From this relationship was born a boy named Bernabé in 1979.

“We loved each other madly,” she said before being asked about the reason for their breakup: “Why don’t you ask him? It’s always up to me to explain, as if I was the only one to know the reasons for this elusive love, as if I had the keys to this truncated artistic relationship (…) Maybe at that time it was not him and I was not not me”.

The couple had worked together on the set of the feature film Camille Claudel. An experience that reminds him not without emotion of their separation. “We made a commitment to make a film whose destiny was as magnificent as it was devastating (…) I cannot talk about this rupture, this abduction, without bursting into tears (…) Like a mother to whom we kidnaps her child, because our relationship was like a child,” she explained.

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