IS terrorists benefit from corona crisis


Power vacuum in the Middle East IS terrorists benefit from corona crisis, soldiers of the international coalition to withdraw because of the pandemic. The attempt by the jihadis to exploit.Moritz Baumstieger0 KommentareDie U.S. army hands over to Iraq a vertex after the other to the local soldiers. Photo: Abdullah Rashid (Reuters)

As the Coronavirus was spreading in mid-March in Europe and the Middle East, had the ears of a travel warning: The terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) warned its fighters from traveling to Europe. In the article, which was published in language in the IS-pipe “al-Naba”, stopped the jihadis their followers with a theological under fed arguments, to wash hands and cover when Sneezing the mouth and nose. Pandemics such as Corona, insured the IS propagandists for their readers, would not strike but the decree of God. “We ask him to increase the torture of the crusaders and to save the believers from this,” it said further.

the terrorist organization is trying the Chaos and the collapse of the markets in the countries of their enemies to take advantage of, from your point of view is only logical. Especially since the group no longer remains, except for their Propaganda, much to the mobilization, since it was defeated last year, largely military. However, the measures of many States tie the world against the Virus, more and more resources. Hinder you at the same time, ongoing operations, so the IS trying to profit from it, while the fight against the Virus has displaced the struggle against the Terror of the priority list.

Nato countries to pull their soldiers from the

this is Particularly evident in Iraq, where since June 2014, the international Anti-IS coalition holds a plurality of support points below. First, it was co-ordinated by these bases and the dismantling of the Caliphate and the storm on the city of Mosul. Since their re-conquest in July 2017, the coalition members were there, especially Iraqi troops and their missions, supported by aerial reconnaissance – an important strategic advantage of the government forces against the jihadists. At least until the beginning of March: Nato was their contribution to the Training, initially, for 60 days. In consequence, reduced the United Kingdom to the use of his troops, last week, Germany and France, the soldiers withdrew, just as Spain and the Netherlands.

the Corona-induced failures in a vacuum, its causes are purely political, however: Since the command of U.S. President Donald Trump in early January, the Iranian Topgeneral Qasem Soleimani by a drone strike to kill, the days of super power in Iraq counted: Although the politicians are able to agree in Baghdad for months on a new Cabinet, the deputies agreed on one point: The US soldiers to leave. This requirement also collect schiitsche militia only they do not carry their arguments in the Parliament: In the past few weeks, it rained again and again, missiles at U.S. bases, of reprisals about the militia showed Kataib-Hizbullah unimpressed.

protective masks to Uniform

The U.S. Department of defense bars work according to the “New York Times” in plans, how the militia could be turned off, but according to the report, even the US commanders are in Iraq, skeptical. And so only the withdrawal remains: On Sunday, the U.S. army handed over the base K1 in Kirkuk to Iraqi forces, at the ceremony, the soldiers of disposable gloves and respiratory masks for the Uniform they wore. The base is the third of the United States to give up in March. Spokesman for the Anti-IS coalition emphasize that this was planned, and the IS no room for new operations allow. But, above all, worried some observers that the military Alliance from the town of al-Qaim on the difficult to control Syrian-Iraq has pulled back to the border.

In this area, namely, the terrorist IS militia held its last bastions. Some of the Militants managed even after their loss, to move between the countries, back and forth. And even though there are now pro-Iranian militias in ever-greater influence, you could route the Region as a place to hide and clandestine Smuggling in the coming weeks IS important – if it is, the terrorist militia manages to use the Corona crisis resulting power vacuum.

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