iOS 18 Introduces T9 Dialling Feature for iPhone Users

A highly requested feature by users transitioning from Android to iPhone has finally been added in iOS 18 – T9 dialling. This feature allows users to quickly dial phone numbers from their address book by typing in letters on the keypad.

Previously, Android users had the convenience of T9 dialling, which would search for the closest alphabetical match to a person’s name in their contacts by pressing corresponding numbers. However, iPhone lacked this feature until now with the latest iOS update.

With the introduction of iOS 18, the Phone app on iPhone has received several upgrades. The most notable addition is T9 dialling, which will be a welcome change for many iPhone users who were accustomed to this feature on their previous Android devices.

To utilize T9 dialling on iOS 18, users simply need to access the Keypad in the Phone app and input the numbers corresponding to the first few letters of the contact’s name they wish to call. Each number button represents multiple letters, allowing for quick and efficient searching.

Upon entering the letters, iOS will automatically filter the address book to display potential matches. Users can then tap on the desired contact’s name to initiate the call. Additionally, other new features in the Phone app with iOS 18 include integrated call recording with automatic transcriptions and an enhanced searchable call history.

iOS 18 is set to be released as a free software update for iPhone users this fall, providing them with enhanced functionality and convenience in their phone dialling experience.