Earlier, have practiced played footballer soccer, foresters were in the forest, presenters, moderated and Doctors. Later, footballers, and presenters have been advertising stars, a nightclub owner, or occasion an actor. Doctors were comedians, and Förster wrote a Bestseller. And today?

Need a private Personality magazine, if you want to be taken as A celebrity seriously. The beginning of Barbara, “made”, and brought a flood. In the Wake of the Schöneberger JWD” (“Joko winter scheidts Print product flooded “”), “Johannes Lafer”, “Birgit” (Schrowange with “want more”), “Daniela” (cat Berger), “Dr. v. hirschhausen’s live a Healthy life” and “Guido” (Maria Kretschmer) the kiosks. As a recent new arrival Boa “with Jérôme Boateng is to nd” Angela. But that’s not enough. Also, the “Interior blogger” Holly Becker controls the magazine market, and – Ching-a-ring – the soul Ranger for the Nation: Peter’s life.

What can we learn from this? First, that “high-reach” sympathy carrier of publishers are embracing tires in the stormy sea of digitization than the Rescue. Because you translate what Influencers do online, to the high-gloss print. Secondly, that women are in demand as the Nice first name, men as title holders, last name, types, or word joke buddy. And, thirdly, that the thing loses its appeal when every performer has his / her own book.

Therefore, at this point, a High-Giulia Enders. People who have spent their past four years living under a rock, it must be said: This is the author of the Mega-bestseller “intestine with charm”. As a student of medicine Giulia Enders has written their sassy and in-depth guide through the Innermost of the people. Her sister Jill Enders contributed illustrations.

A won the Science Slam, various talk show appearances and million worldwide copies sold later, she is a Star. Young, handsome, clever, actually charming and aspiring Physician with a sense of humour and with special knowledge of a forbidden zone – a dream combination that makes the heart of every media entrepreneur beat.