[EXCLUSIVE] Park Bo-gum Opens Up About Chemistry with Bae Suzy in ‘Wonderland’

A scene from the film “Wonderland” / Courtesy of Acemaker Movieworks By Lee Gyu-lee

The highly anticipated sci-fi drama “Wonderland” has finally hit the big screen, marking the return of heartthrob Park Bo-gum after his military service. The film showcases the captivating on-screen chemistry between Park Bo-gum and co-star Bae Suzy, which has been the talk of the town among fans.

Directed by Kim Tae-yong, “Wonderland” follows individuals using an AI platform service to connect with a digitally recreated version of a deceased loved one. Jeong-in (played by Bae) uses the service to reunite with her comatose boyfriend, Tae-joo (portrayed by Park), while Bai Li (played by Tang Wei) utilizes it to communicate with her daughter and mother.

During an interview with The Korea Times, Park Bo-gum expressed his delight at the positive reception to his chemistry with Suzy. The actor shared his thoughts on the film’s concept of using AI to recreate lost loved ones, sparking introspective questions about the potential implications of such technology.

In “Wonderland,” Park Bo-gum plays the dual roles of the AI-created Tae-joo and the real-life Tae-joo. As the story unfolds, the relationship between Jeong-in and Tae-joo faces challenges as they navigate the complexities of love, loss, and identity. Park Bo-gum’s portrayal of the characters delves into themes of love, confusion, and self-discovery.

The film has been praised for its emotional depth and thought-provoking narrative, resonating with audiences who appreciate a blend of science fiction and human drama. Park Bo-gum’s performance in “Wonderland” showcases his versatility as an actor, bringing depth and nuance to his characters.

As “Wonderland” continues to captivate audiences, Park Bo-gum looks forward to future projects and collaborations that challenge him creatively. The actor’s on-screen chemistry with Bae Suzy has left a lasting impression, solidifying their status as a dynamic duo in the world of Korean cinema.