Mr Dordoni, furniture have a lot to do with our bodies. We touch, sit and lie on them, we heat them by contact with the skin or start to sweat. You have to have to be a furniture designer, a good feeling of the body?

Karen Krüger

editor in the Feuilleton section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

If you ask: Yes, certainly.

you have the figure of a long distance runner. You Do Sport?

no, a runner I am not. But I’m a lot with my two dogs outside, and walk around with you. The space I’m taking personally the most with my body in conjunction, is the kitchen. I love to cook. When I think of a new kitchen, I imagine, first of all, how I move in it, what is the relationship I want to have the space. In the case of Seating furniture, I think comfort.

What are you cooking?

Italian food. Favorite dishes with rice and beef. Or Pasta. Fish fails me most of the time. Also in the case of cakes and Desserts I fail. Probably because I’m Salty prefer to eat as a Sweet.

How should be a kitchen, so that the body can move well in it, so that everything succeeds and at the end of a successful meal is on the table?

I need everything visible and under my hands. Kitchen with closed cabinets, or other hidden rooms I don’t like. You should be able to see where what is. Most of the customers see it differently. Are you afraid of dust. You want to kitchens in which you can stow away behind doors or in drawers. Dust is really one of your favorite walls. Dust, dust, dust, how often I hear that! The fear is so great, as we would be living under a huge dust bell, you have to protect yourself constantly.

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The customer want that everything looks clean?

no, you don’t want anything that looks dirty. Fear of Filth and dirt, if you put a space too much freedom. I like kitchens where such as in an operating room or a laboratory, everything is visible and you have everything at Hand.

How would you describe the cuisine at home?

it is a space of hospitality, in which there are utensils that make him look like a kitchen. It shows that there is Work to be done. First of all, you realize that people are live and cheerful.

rooms and furniture have a lot to do with feelings. Is often used you not alone, but together with other people. Sitting together at the table, on the Sofa, side by side in the bed. We speak to each other, laughing, fighting, hates, or loves.

For me, the kitchen is the most passionate place in a house. Because it is only there to make something that You cook really with his friends, the Partner that shares. This does not happen with passion and truthfulness, it will cool off to the relationship to quickly.

A Sofa has no emotional Potential for you? After all, you are sitting close to each other, or is under circumstances from each other. You have to behave somehow to each other.