At the start of the week, the youngest President of the Republic appointed the youngest Prime Minister in the history of the Fifth Republic. A historic moment, which has marked the media for several days now. This Thursday, January 11, 2024 in the evening, Gabriel Attal was the guest of Gilles Bouleau on the set of the TF1 newspaper. A 20-minute interview, during which the minister notably discussed his main areas where he promises to act for the French.

The minister’s words are intended to be reassuring and based on honesty towards the French: “My method is to be lucid and to tell the truth”. Even more so in a difficult context, where the French tend to no longer believe in the current political situation. The 34-year-old minister also seems to be aware of this: “Many French people who doubt, who suffer, who expect from us, there are even French people who no longer believe in it” he notes. As for his subjects of action, Gabriel Attal grouped them in one sentence: “The promotion of work, security, public service, schools, hospitals, the environment with the fight against global warming. ”

But what exactly should we remember from this first television intervention? Starting with the current situation of the middle classes, “who have the feeling of giving a lot and receiving quite little”.  This should be the minister’s priority commitment.

During his re-election, Emmanuel Macron promised to help the middle classes, to the tune of 2 billion euros. Gabriel Attal confirms this on set: “the President is committed, we will meet this commitment”. The latter nevertheless remained evasive on specific actions, especially on the eve of a potential increase (up to 10%) in electricity on February 1. Somewhat hesitant, “I will have the opportunity on all subjects, very soon, to express myself”, promises the minister.

Another subject, and not the least, could Gabriel Attal use the 49.3 abundantly like his predecessor Elisabeth Borne? Without an absolute majority, the minister recognizes the uses of 49.3, mentioning that they were used for the proper functioning of the State Budget. He nevertheless qualifies his remarks by indicating that “many texts were adopted by the National Assembly without resorting to 49.3.” In his previous functions, he also mentions having taken “decisions and having them implemented, and that will be my method as head of government”, concludes the minister on this thorny subject.

The former Minister of Education also insisted on the importance of reforming the school: “it is at school that the society of tomorrow is built, it is by acting for the school that we act for safety, work, culture tomorrow”. We already know that this will notably involve strengthening the practice of sports in establishments.” Finally, the minister could not escape the remarks on the integration within the government of right-wing candidates, starting with Rachida Dati in as Minister of Culture.

To the question of the presence of Rachida Dati in this new government, a shocking and emblematic figure of the right, Gabriel Attal justifies himself by evoking having selected ministers “200% committed to meeting the expectations of the French”, while evoking his respect and his admiration for the fights that the new Minister of Culture has accomplished so far. He talks about “a woman who leaves no one indifferent”. Finally, Gabriel Attal focused his speech on a new government based on the efficiency of its members: “What I want is action, action, action” and ” results, results, results.”