Interview to the rules of the night life – “Under the circumstances, all of the other 299 visitors will be put in quarantine”Clubs and concert may local 6. June, up to a maximum of 300 visitors are welcome. But what apply now for regulations? To Michael Beer, the person in charge of the Federal government.Ane Hebeisen0 comment clubs and discos are allowed to engage without Distance up to 300 guests per night – provided they register their name and telephone numbers.Photo: /iStockphoto

Even the event industry is amazed: it Is 6. June is actually possible concerts with up to 300 people without the distance rules?

The distance recommendations are still valid and must be considered in the protection concept of the operation. Where, however, this is not always possible, for example in the Local, where people dance, to put the visitors name and address, to ensure, in the case of an infection to get in contact with people who may have been infected.

What are the criteria, if this is possible or not? You can tell a host is also quite simple that it from a commercial point of view, it is not possible to open his Club with a limited number of visitors?

Yes, this can be a reason. The spacing recommendations apply, however, you will still need to be implemented in the protection concept. Also, bear in mind: If, for economic reasons, on effective health protection measures will be omitted, and this leads to numerous cases of infection arise, the competent cantonal authorities, the Local quickly under the magnifying glass, as well as reputational terms, such a procedure is highly risky.

Then yesterday, attached is the instructions, according to which, in the case of stand-up concerts for every audience to four square meters of space needs to be created, null and void.

Yes, the regulation is something else. But: The distance rules apply and must be shown in the protection concept.

you say that the spacing rules must be adhered to. And on the other hand, they do not allow events where this is possible. With All Due Respect. The will understand no club operator. As the distance loud because rules exactly? And how can you map the distance rules in a concept, if it is clear that they are feasible?

The idea behind this is that contact lists to replace the observance of the distance – and hygiene rules. A Club needs to consider in its protection concept exactly, as it ensures that the distance rules as well and as completely as possible to be implemented. While Dancing the not, but in all other areas, is probably already. The Federal government gives the Like no longer, but only the “What” – the business now has the responsibility to make something out of it. As an example, specifications such as four square meters per Person will be assessed by the club as “unfit”. Agree. Now it’s up to the companies to come up with a better idea and in the protection concept map.

so this is not a free pass for broadcasters to operate their Local with up to 300 people again?

The responsibility that the health of the visitors is ensured by the development of an effective protection concept, and its clean implementation, is up to the organizer. He is responsible for ensuring that the spacing rules of the guests can be observed. It would, of course, highly unreasonable, a spatially tight Locally without additional protective measures, with the Maximum audience fully caged up.

“Now it’s up to the companies to come up with a better idea and in the protection concept map.”

What is the meaning of this deportation is the responsibility of the organizer, exactly? You could be prosecuted if someone is infected?

In the first line can close the cantons of the operation, if the protection concept is inadequate, or the implementation of a good protection concept is flawed. Also a criminal case in disregard of the requirements of the Covid-regulation threatens the operator; appropriate instructions to the law enforcement authorities can also come from the guests. All of these aspects must be the operator aware of it. If infected, guests can request to the operator for damages, must be evaluated under the liability law; it is conceivable, then, if the relevant protection measures are not taken. As I said: Each organiser must estimate how many visitors a safe operation is possible. The better a protection concept, the more reliable the host is, and the cantons will also look carefully. And, ultimately, every single visitor is a certain risk, if he goes to such an event.

How do you mean?

be plugged in If it comes to a Party with 300 people to a Corona case, then all of the other 299 visitors in quarantine. One must be aware of.

they grant so events, from rates but, rather, to visit you?

no, not at all. We grant no events in a particular case, but set a Framework that can apply to the organizers and operators useful to your occasion and in your business. Also, each individual guest is stopped, the Situation in the respective Local self-assess and to act accordingly. From now on, the self-responsibility of the population is asked even more.

once Again in demand: Will so decide, but the concept of protection, whether or not a Club is allowed to open or not?

The reviews of the concept of Protection by the cantonal enforcement authorities shall decide whether the Club should remain open.

“We are building on the self-responsibility. For a Club it would not be good advertising, if he would be identified as the hearth of a new infection wave.”

This sounds complicated. Nevertheless, If Switzerland approves events with up to 300 people, it goes further than any other country.

we are aware of that, Yes.

Even Sweden is no events over 50 people. And Austria, which boasts to have the most courageous Opening of all European countries dared, insisted on sitting duty for concerts and a distance of one Meter.

Exactly. As far as I know, there comes the means of Contact-Tracing, i.e. the registration of the audience, not used.

is The step amazed, especially since recently in Frankfurt to a Church service 100 persons were infected and in Seoul, a single party-goers a new infection wave has been triggered. Do not risk a new Ischgl?

This is a possibility we can’t exclude the possibility. Therefore, we build on the personal responsibility. For a Club it would not be good advertising, if he would be identified as the hearth of a new infection wave.

What is allot of guess because we are now a Club that is too small, every visitor to four square meters of space? Should he open or not?

I would advise him, if tight conditions prevail, it is better not to fully load the operating record. Where space permits, I see no Problem.

Could it be that the new regulations of the Federation some cantons, are predatory?

The cantons are responsible for enforcement and control of regulations. It is not the idea that each Canton establishes its own rules.

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