What is up to this week?

Hanna Böhm: In December, the end-of-semester take place the exams. I have to learn very much. Much more of this I’m not doing at the Moment. I’m just on the way to the library.

What do you like about the subject you are studying?

The study is very diverse. There are many disciplines in which you can specialize. In addition, it has a lot to do with people like me. The study of medicine is also something very meaningful.

And what is bothering you?

In the various internships during the studies, you can feel the lack of time that prevails in the hospital. The nursing situation is not ideal. You get the feeling that you can’t change that, and that bothers me.

What did you want to tell your University President?

There is no proper canteen! At least not from the students. The food in our canteen is too expensive and doesn’t taste good. In addition, the medicine-Campus students would have to be friendly. There are Lounges and rooms for group works.

your favorite place at the University?

Here in Frankfurt-Niederrad? That’s a good question. Since only the rose garden in front of the library comes to me, and the new Café Alfredo, in the Audimax.

And where you go when you need to?

the library of The Campus Niederrad I don’t think it’s good. I prefer the libraries on the Campus Westend. There’s more space and a better atmosphere for learning.

Where is the University the best place for Flirting?

I don’t know. The rose garden, perhaps.

How do you live?

I live together with my boyfriend in the vicinity of Darmstadt.

How do you Finance your studies?

My parents are supporting me. Although I have already worked on the side, but since I started to write my doctoral thesis, remains.

Where to go in the evening?

I am often in Darmstadt, Germany. But if I am in the evening in Frankfurt-on-the-go, I prefer to Sachsenhausen.

What do you like about Frankfurt, what is not?

The city is very diverse and multicultural. I like that. There are also lots of offers. You can here company very much. As a big city of Frankfurt but very anonymous. I don’t like it as well.

What you want to do after graduation?

I specialize in gynecology. I would like to work later as a gynecologist. In the long term, like in a private practice. But before that, you must always be only a few years in a clinic.


Hanna Böhm , 24 years old, Goethe-University Frankfurt, 9. Semester human medicine

Recorded by Maximilian Koch.