Erpe-Mere, belgium – < / P> Interimkantoor Agilitas, will be the performance of the employees after the takeover of printing house Corelio Printing of the work were allowed to stay, but don’t pay. This is attested to in the interimkantoor. About 90 people of the printing house in the Eastern part of Flanders, Erpe-Mere, belgium about two weeks left to run, there might be a whistle for their pay.

The curator took place after the failure of Corelio Printing is around 167 workers on board to the magazines, and other printed materials into the newspaper shop to get it. On the 27th of August, maastricht, the zakenfamilie Bongaerts of the company. However, after a short restart after the acquisition, on september 7, finally.

Agilitas, has, for almost two weeks, interimarbeid, shift, and weekend work, never signed a contract with the owner of the company will be closed. In the meantime, it is no longer clear who is the owner of the former Corelio Printing. The family carries out legal negotiations with the trustee for the spalling of the deal is done.

But for the staff it means that it is possible that they have to pay for the service after August 27, wait. Both Bongaerts, if the administrator indicates that the staff will be compensated will, however move the bill to each other. Agilitas to confirm that an offer has been made to perform labor, but that has never been approved for the job after the acquisition.