“Injustice” revise – Trump wants the marine protected area re-open, the President wants to make an arrangement of his predecessor, Barack Obama again reversed. His Plan is likely to be a case for the judiciary. 2 Kommentare2Der President was previously in Maine, to a decree signed: Donald Trump on his arrival at the military base in Maryland. (5. June 2020) Keystone/Yuri GripasDort he wanted to create an “injustice”, as he calls it, out of the world.Reuters trump sees it as an error, the Region that is known for their Lobster, as a protected area to be classified.KEYSTONE/Robert F. Bukaty1 / 4

U.S. President Donald Trump wants to open a marine protected area in the Atlantic ocean for commercial fishing. In the presence of fishermen, with the Trump signed on Friday during a visit to Bangor, Maine, a corresponding decree is to make an arrangement of his predecessor, Barack Obama again reversed. Obama had declared the area with underwater canyons and surveys, a good 200 kilometres Southeast of Cape Cod in 2016 to a protected area.

Trump said on Friday he revised this “injustice” of his predecessor. The area will re-open for commercial fishing. The Region as a protected area to be classified, had been for a lobster catcher is unfair. Trump is trying regularly to make environmental protection provisions of its predecessor, the undo. Also in this case, his approach is likely to end up in court.

on Thursday, Trump had signed a decree, according to the less environmental in the construction of major projects such as highways or Pipelines, testing is necessary. The economy should not be “unnecessary paperwork-and costly delays” impacted, said Trump. The decree was justified with the because of the Coronavirus pandemic imposed a health emergency.

(SDA /roy)

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