It is a question of equality on the road, more and safe bike paths: initiatives from Frankfurt, Kassel and Darmstadt have been campaigning for months for the bike traffic in their cities. The stated goal is to achieve a “Two” by means of citizens ‘ initiatives. 2018, all initiatives provided the necessary signatures. That much has been moved, as you agree. But what now?

The leading role in the state of Hesse took over the Initiative from Darmstadt. That more Cycling can be done, seemed to see a lot of Darmstadt in a similar way. 11.282 eligible to vote signed the request. The city said the petitions, but will not be permitted. The reason significant deficiencies in the statutory cost recovery plan. The initiators of the “Radentscheids Darmstadt” submitted then in September, a lawsuit before the administrative court.

40,000 signatures in Frankfurt

the process is in limbo, such as David green of the forest reported. In Parallel, the city and the Initiative to conduct negotiations about how claims could be implemented on a voluntary Basis. But even if the talks were constructive, emphasizing green forest: “A lawsuit has a different character.” Since it’s not going to be voluntary. “The city of Darmstadt likes to make plans, not implement it.”

For Frankfurt, the report is still pending. At the beginning of July, the Initiative to 40,000 had passed signatures to the election office. In mid-December, head of the Traffic Department, Klaus Oesterling (SPD) said the decision of the magistrate from standing. However, it should be expected in the foreseeable future. The Initiative, the patience goes out slowly. “We have relatively little understanding of the fact that we will keep for five months,” said Heiko Nickel. Although the city had been given to understand that the request is inadmissible, “but that’s just grapevine.” A legal action, such as in Darmstadt, Germany, to keep open.

Currently, the Kassel citizens ‘ initiatives for the audit for the city. 21 781 signatures came together here. As a spokesman for the city said, mayor Christian fellow (SPD) has assured that a decision “should be quickly possible.” The Initiative expects to have a decision between the middle and the end of January. In Kassel, head of the Traffic Department Dirk Stochla (SPD) had said in mid-November, the policy of the city, basically behind the objective of the Radentscheides. “The required speed of Implementation, I think at the moment only difficult to demonstrate.”

“We have set much in motion”

Satisfied was achieved in all of the initiators with what so far. “We have set much in motion,” said David green of the forest, and announced measures such as the Installation of bollards. Or the 16 million Euro, aims to invest Darmstadt. In Frankfurt, you will be proud of the achieved presence, and the fact that “what is happening”, said Heiko Nickel. An example of a planned change in the traffic routing on the Kurt-Schumacher-Straße. The occasion was a fatal bike accident in August. But even more, said Nickel. As in Copenhagen or the Netherlands: “From children to Senior citizens – because everything is on the road.” This should also be in Frankfurt.