The Name of your Initiative is the program. The “RemainerNow”, in English “Now Brexit-opponent”, now want to be able to remain in the EU – the Brexit to the last meters still to prevent. You want to obtain, by a second Referendum, the decision of June 2016 should be revised.

Gary Maylin is one of them. He comes from Norwich in the East of England and was originally used for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU, he wanted to sovereignty after more than four decades of membership of his country. Today, he recalls that he was influenced in his decision at the time by a true Brexit-barrage.

“My Deputy was for the exit, all the arguments I heard, were against remaining in the EU,” said Maylin, the AFP news Agency. It is of the opinion that the EU is a lot of MIS-development was formed in him – “the inability of our government to control our destiny”.

a Lot of disappointed Brexit supporters

The United Kingdom, the world’s fifth largest economy, is in political turmoil. Less than ten weeks prior to the agreed date of the Unger threatens EU applied-outlet: planes would have to remain due to a lack of flight licenses, possibly on the ground that Goods would be stuck at the customs and travelers in border controls.

Whether Maylin saw this coming? Probably not. Two and half years ago, he was still just under 52 percent of the voters who voted for the Brexit. Today, he would decide differently. “I came to the Conviction that we are not able to be as a Nation on our own successfully,” he says. Only in a United Europe, the United Kingdom was strong, not as an independent country. To do this, Maylin takes everything Possible into the field: US President Donald Trump to the rapid rise of China.