“the Kindergarten,” says Margitta rock stone. “What a beautiful and meaningful term. You know immediately what is meant.“ And rock stone knows what she’s talking about. Until the summer she has worked for 35 years in the house in Bad Blankenburg, in the of the reform pedagogue Friedrich Fröbel in 1840 opened the first Kindergarten in the world. “And under this name,” says rock stone. The house has long been a Fröbel-Museum, the Name of Kindergarten in the Region still in use, but otherwise in great danger. If rock stone hear talk, for example, the Federal Minister for family Affairs, Franziska Giffey unchallenged by the “Good-Kita-law,” your hair. The acronym Kita does not come to her lips. “Because I pay a lot of attention to it.”

Stefan Locke

a correspondent for Saxony and Thuringia, based in Dresden.

F. A. Z.

in Germany, the word kindergarten feast – in laws, authorities, children’s language, parents everyday to write. And no one can now say more exactly, how could it ever come so far. The term, as you found in Bad Blankenburg, appeared for the first Time at the beginning of the seventies in a law in North Rhine-Westphalia and spread to the reunification in the East, where the word Kita until then, no one knew. Similarly, it is with terms such as Apprentice instead of apprentice or Bufdi instead of civilian staff, which creep in and at some point everyday. In Bad Blankenburg, but enthusiasts have decided to now, at least the Kita-shortcut to declare war.