In the discussion of bad cell phone reception, members of the black-red coalition to advance a national solution. “We want to force full expansion of the offensive with a new state-owned infrastructure company. Where the grid extension is not working, is to build the state in the future, mobile phone masts, until the radio holes are closed,” said CSU land group chief Alexander Dobrindt the “image”newspaper (Thursday). “As a leading economic nation, it must be our claim to have one of the best mobile networks in the world.”

SPD Leader Andrea Nahles called an area coverage of the network. “We want and need seamless mobile coverage in rural areas. On each coast of Germany, on each summit and at each milk jug in between,“ said Nahles the sheet.

“of Each radio hole an embarrassment”

Thus, you alluded to a remark of Federal Minister of education, Anja Karliczek (CDU), which had said that the upcoming mobile communication standard 5G was “not in any milk jug necessary”. Nahles took the competent Minister Andreas Scheuer (transport/CSU) and Peter Altmaier (economy/CDU). The Department heads would put “powerful stuff”, in order to achieve the goal of nationwide coverage in 2021.

Altmaier said the “Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung” (Thursday), each of the radio hole was an embarrassment for the high-tech country Germany. “And the mobile providers must now comply with their Commitments, or else the state will intervene hard. We will also eliminate the white patches on the Land.“