Infotainment in the Opel Insignia: What a Surprise


    Opel is throwing his elderly in-car infotainment systems out of the car and new Multimedia systems, ancestors, and the immediately convince. Instead of betulicher comfort is now a modern Design, the menu system has been overhauled, the icons are fresh, drawn, and, above all, The new systems remain easy to use. There is no Overkill of features and possibilities, but a carefully composed menu, which focuses on the Essentials around the Drive and Arrive.

    Michael Spehr

    editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

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    stages of The new System comes in three and is called Multimedia Radio, Multimedia, GPS or Multimedia Navi Pro. The latter has an 8-inch Monitor, the two smaller variants have a modest 7 inch. Always, the display is touch-sensitive to control the fingers are so used, optionally, also the steering wheel buttons and voice recognition. The four main menus for telephony, music playback, Navigation, and climate, each with their own accent color, which simplifies the orientation. Up to five driver profiles can be created, then the settings for the air conditioning or the sound, and Navi-goals are stored individually.

    The proven Multimedia Navi Pro offers a nice three-dimensional map display in the city and especially real-time traffic data to avoid traffic jams. Also information about fuel prices and Parking options come via the Internet into the vehicle. Traffic incidents are shown on the map, and like the Tomtom-Navis, a bar shows at the right edge of the screen the congestion in dependence on the instantaneous Position and the destination. Then also, Opel now offers the automatic detection of navigation targets, such as the way to work or other regularly recurring events. Special destinations you can search online, and four map updates in a year without a visit to the workshop will also be offered.

    in Order to get the Internet into the vehicle, no additional Sim card required, but you tie the Opel navigation system on your own Smartphone. On the iPhone, it suffices to enable the “personal Hotspot” in the menu “settings”. In the Insignia, it then searches the built in W-Lan in the iPhone and connects. With an Android Smartphone that works in a similar way. The successful Partnering to recognize the fact that the traffic sign symbol in the map display indicates a “Live”.

    if you would rather directly from your Smartphone with the route guides from Apple, or Google, can use Android Auto or Apple Carplay, then the mobile phone is to be connected in each case via a cable.