a quarter of A century after the founding of the EU, the European Institution before your main test. The British want to leave the EU, right-wing populist governments in Italy, Poland and Hungary take advantage of every opportunity to make the EU public question and also many of the citizens of the skepticism towards the Institution is large. Brussels is too far away from the actual Problem of the people, means it is often.

Now wants to defend the European Union against this Image, and has launched a major information campaign. You should show that The EU is closer to the citizens than many people think. On the Website “What is Europe doing for me”, presented to the EU in 24 languages, and in extensive detail what the Institution is doing for the 500 million EU citizens.

Europe is also in Bad Kissingen

users can click through a map of Europe and so in Detail, what has been achieved in the EU in the member countries. And not only in large cities and Metropolitan regions, but also in small towns and rural areas. So Brussels wants to prove that it only takes effect on the lives of the people in Berlin, but also in Bad Kissingen. On the Website it says: In the city in lower Franconia, the outdoor swimming pool have been designed by the regional development programme ‘Leader’ Aura as the natural pool is new and the realignment of the city Museum Mr. mill in Hammelburg promoted. Also benefit of Bad Kissingen from the European social Fund, promotes from 2014 to 2020 with around € 300 million, among other things, education and training measures to improve the labour market opportunities in Bavaria.