Paul Magnette, which is a Tuesday due to the king and to the informateur is appointed, at a press conference, announced the formation of differently to their projects. “It is a difficult mission, which is commitment to the country is enormous,” he said. If he wants to be with the party over the contents. Until then, he wants to be on the basis of the “points of contact” to determine what forces are available.

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“the gulf between The political parties is huge, and I expect that all of its responsibilities, it will take it,” and put Magnette from the shore. “The work will start today, and do it now.

It will be the first to call with that of his predecessors, Didier Reynders, Johan Vande Lanotte, Rudy Demotte, and Geert Bourgeois. Then, he wants to be “within the next 48 hours (…) have spoken of it with any table and party chairs”. In concrete terms, they include: the N-VA, Open VLD, MR, of the socialist family, the greens, and the CD&V and CDH, and the Challenge. Magnette, taking the outstretched hand of Maxime Prévot (CDH) and so on. Those conversations, he wants to be “within the next 48 hours,” have completed. On Monday, the 18th of november, he will have to report to the king on that.


it is Notable here that the Magnette, opt for a different approach. The content should be paramount. It does, what are your thoughts on the so-called “programmaregering” that informateurs Vande Lanotte, and Reynders worked out. “I think we should change it. Now, we can determine what the parties to the coalition should be, and then what we are going to do. This method does not work any more. We need to start with the challenges that face our country, and to yourself.”

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finally, Magnette gave to the netherlands environmental assessment agency, and other institutions to turn to the truth to triumph”. The political debate is at the moment not enough is focused on the facts. “The objective,” he said.

“We must not be naive. It’s not going to be easy,” said Magnette yet. “It’s been a year since the government fell. The election result has to be a quick government formation impossible. There are not only differences between the parties, and there are tensions. However, I am by nature an optimist. Our nation has throughout its history been a much more serious crisis in recent years. We have always found solutions. There is absolutely no reason why today won’t be like that. I believe in the future of this country.” Shutting down did the Magnette, with a quote from the Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu. “Those of you who have not, try it, it’s just one time, don’t miss it, or something like that,” said Magnette.

What’s in the past to 163 days in advance:

even Though the formation of 163 days after the day of the election nor do we find any, comes up with a Magnette for the first time, definitely head on down. After the elections, the king, the first of the informateursduo Didier Reynders (MR) and Johan Vande Lanotte (SP.(A) in the field.

After only four months of consultation with the various parties in the sent to begin negotiations for a black-yellow government, the PS and N-VA was so-so. As the water in which the parties are still very deep, was introduced to the king of preformateursduo with the N-VA be (Geert Bourgeois) and is a P.S.’there (Rudy Demotte). That is, could the N-VA and the PS are not, however, be much closer to each other.