On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the first Carrefour hypermarket, the CEO of Carrefour decided to strike a blow. Indeed, Alexandre Bompard has announced a price drop on nearly 500 products from next week in the aisles of its stores. According to Capital, this list is made up of 400 items from national brands that have finally agreed to come back to the negotiating table.

This initiative taken by the brand is not a one-off marketing operation. The brand supports this idea since the measure should last “at least until the end of 2023”. One of the most important brands of French mass distribution confirms at the same time that this measure aims to support the purchasing power of consumers and maintain its competitiveness in an increasingly difficult economic context.

A thinning could soften the wallets of the French. Indeed, in all likelihood, hundreds of products should be affected by a price drop in July. The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire tends to mitigate these allegations: “The Minister of the Economy does not have a ruler in his hands to lower or raise prices. On the other hand, he has the power of injunction vis-à-vis distributors and manufacturers to tell them to come together, find agreements and lower prices. That’s what we arrived at yesterday. I’m now waiting for it to show on the shelves”, he specified.

Despite everything, some products will not immediately benefit from an effective discount. Meat, for example, a food favored by many French people, is concerned, given the production costs which remain high. Like milk, which also will not see its price drop because “this would affect producers”, according to the tenant of Bercy.

In the meantime, discover rather in our slideshow, these 11 products whose prices will drop within the Carrefour supermarket brand.