Galloping inflation unfortunately still follows its course. The famous “red march” finally passed, it is clear that prices in supermarkets have increased further. Faced with this situation, French consumers are adapting as best they can. Indeed, consumption habits in France have changed significantly, first at the start of the 2022 school year, then even more since January 2023.

Thus, we are witnessing a decrease in the quantities purchased: at the end of 2022, this volume had decreased by 2.2%, then by 4.3% between January 1 and March 19 of this year, as reported by our colleagues from Le Parisien. Large retailers have also adapted: some have chosen to reduce their margins, others have not. It is therefore all the more useful to compare the prices on the shelves of different supermarkets in order to find the most advantageous: the differences are widening.

According to Emily Mayer, Circana’s director of studies, this month cannot be called “red”, because we are only witnessing a relative surge in prices. Inflation has nevertheless gone up a notch: in February, the year-on-year price increase was 14.5%, it now stands at almost 16.2%. This jump had been anticipated, because it coincides with the entry into force of the increase in prices negotiated between large retailers and manufacturers. The month of April should also see the trend intensify.

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