Inflation continues to rage mercilessly, as it has for many months now. The purchasing power of the French is suffering, and many are forced to deprive themselves to survive. For those who barely made ends meet before the inflationary surge we are currently experiencing, the time is serious. Government aid is ad hoc and often not sufficient to sufficiently offset the generalized rise in prices. Faced with this situation, some began to systematically skip meals, while others gave up heating altogether.

It’s a real race against rising prices, which engenders an atmosphere of survival of incredible violence: “I know that, personally, if I weren’t stealing from the stores, I might not have enough to eat. “, states a 20-year-old student whose testimony was collected by our colleagues from Mediapart. In addition to the rise in energy prices, it is indeed the increase in the cost of food products that constitutes the biggest problem for precarious households.

According to INSEE figures published recently, inflation on food products would be, over one year, would be around 16.1%. A dizzying number, reinforced by the fact that the evolution of these same prices over the last month alone would be 1.8%, as reported by our colleagues from Capital.

Meat, a staple food in a large number of French households, is one of the categories of food products recording the most notable increases. Find below the ranking of the types of meat that have increased the most.