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resim 589

As prices continue to rise, the shopping carts of the French are emptying more and more. Indeed, with inflation of 5.8%, purchasing power is falling from week to week, and it is the daily life of all citizens that is modified.

Faced with this situation, the government wants to adopt various measures, contained, in particular, in the purchasing power bill recently voted by the deputies, to try to support the wallet of consumers.

The discount on fuel, the sustainability and the tripling of the Macron bonus as well as the revaluation of social minima are in particular part of the “boost” provided for by the text.

Olivier Véran, the government spokesperson also spoke on Thursday July 28 during a trip to Indre-et-Loire, in front of the BFMTV camera. According to him, the government has “succeeded in limiting inflation”.

Now, the subject that worries the French is the future of this unprecedented crisis. Because, if prices have not stopped rising for a few months, many people fear that this phenomenon will last for some time.

Faced with these concerns, Olivier Véran affirms: “We are at the peak of inflation and it will start to fall in 2023, we intervene very strongly with the purchasing power law at a time when this inflation is very important so that it impacts the purchasing power of the French as little as possible”, reports Midi Libre.

Thus, the government wants to be reassuring about the situation which should, according to the former Minister of Health, improve soon.