Fewer fresh products and more promotions. More and more consumers are changing their habits at the supermarket and adapting to rising prices to save money. According to the latest data from the NielsenIQ firm, inflation is the main concern of the French, since 52% of those questioned put it ahead of global warming or the war in Ukraine. How not to spend too much at the supermarket when it peaks at 6.6%?

In a press release, quoted by Midi Libre, the director of analyzes of the firm explains that the French “have paid more attention to their expenses and are looking for promotions to preserve their purchasing power”. For their part, “distributor brands have adapted to this new inflationary deal, allowing them to gain market share, in their emblematic categories, but also certain inflationary ones”. If the promotions department is busier, others have been neglected in recent weeks, especially on the fresh produce side. The latest analysis from NielsenIQ shows that purchases fell by -12.4% in fish, -9% for cheeses and -8.8% for fruits and vegetables.

Unsurprisingly, many French people have also reduced their meat consumption, since the butchery department is experiencing a -10.6% drop in sales and the charcuterie department by -3%. Thirty-something Sophie is one of those who have actually stopped buying meat in recent weeks. With Planet, she explains that her choice is purely economic, because her shopping cart was too expensive for her: “I really had a start when I saw the rise in the price of minced steaks. We say to ourselves that two euros it’s not much, but on several products it ends up hurting a lot…”.

This bachelor, who therefore lives on a single salary, has chosen to eat more eggs and vegetable proteins, which has completely turned her diet upside down. She is already seeing results on her receipts, as she saves 15 to 20 euros per week and no longer needs to shop as often as before. If she has greatly reduced her purchases of meat, Sophie has not cut back on other pleasures such as cheese or fish, but does not rule out doing so if inflation continues in the coming months. “I’ll end up eating pasta and yogurt,” she half-jokes, still worried about the end of the year.

If, like Sophie, you want to reduce your meat consumption to save money, you can replace it with many products that will also provide you with the energy you need for the day. Find out which ones in the slideshow below.