For the past year, inflation has affected the majority of French people. Thus, some are giving up food products to manage their budget and the shopping basket, which has increased considerably. Discover in our slideshow below the recipes that you can easily reproduce with your leftover food. First price or brand, no food is spared. To realize this increase, FranceInfo has created its own basket of 37 everyday foodstuffs to assess price variations.

Between March 2022 and March 2023, this FranceInfo basket, in collaboration with France Bleu and the NielsenIQ firm, increased by 17.7%. Even more, entry-level sugar increased by 56% and private label rice increased by 28%. In total, the basket now costs 106.25 euros against 90.80 euros last year. Furthermore, there is a considerable gap between supermarkets in different departments. Some see inflation coming sooner than others.

Whether large retailers or national brand products, significant differences are found from one supermarket to another. Indeed, the Vendée would be the department where you will pay the least for this basket of 37 products. In total, the receipt shows an average amount of 100.41 euros. Conversely, Parisians would pay more than other French people.

Thus, in Paris, the FranceInfo basket increased by 18.32% over a period of one year. The receipt is now for an amount of 127.50 euros. The three products that have increased the most in Parisian stores are the one-kilogram packet of first-price sugar, the one-kilogram packet of plain flour, as well as the box of 6 frozen minced steaks from a private label. Nevertheless, prices are likely to rise again.

Faced with inflation, discover our recipes drawn from the Cuisine Actuelle panel in our slideshow below.