Infidelity: the 4 qualities that women look for in their lover


Female infidelity, a sensitive, taboo subject, is however widely discussed in cinema, art or literature. We find in Zola, Flaubert, Balzac and many others, a very concrete portrait of the unfaithful wife, which became almost the leitmotiv of 19th century French literature. In real life, on the other hand, nobody knows, nobody talks about it., the leading extramarital dating site in France, has published a report on these women who succumb to temptation, aiming to determine the most sought-after criteria in their lovers. now has more than eight million members worldwide, nearly half of them in France. Women make up nearly 37% of platform users. Among these women surveyed, 89% claim to seek tenderness in their lovers. This is followed by kindness and generosity, with 87% and 79% of respondents respectively. Good humor also seems to be one of the determining factors among unfaithful women, with nearly 74% of them having placed humor among the main characteristics sought when choosing a lover.

When it comes to lover build, the women surveyed are clear: beauty is not a deciding factor in choosing a boyfriend. Only 36% of them consider it essential. “Married women looking for extra-marital affairs, mainly want to have pleasant encounters, where they can again be the center of attention. When they decide to take the step of infidelity, it is mainly to give yourself a parenthesis, a moment of timeless happiness. And meeting a nice man who knows how to show tenderness and generosity seems to be essential.”, explains Solène Paillet, communications director of Gleeden, to