Infected refugees – A quarantine after the other refugee homes in Germany had developed to epidemic herds. First, asylum seekers are drawn so already before the court, with success.Dominique Eigenmann from Berlin1 Kommentar1Eingepfercht and included: In Sankt Augustin near Bonn, Germany, every second asylum applicant with the Coronavirus infected in may.Photo:

keep your distance, Hygiene, contacts restrict: All that is difficult, if not impossible, if hundreds of people, kitchens, showers, toilets and canteens to share. It is not surprising, therefore, that collective accommodations in retirement or nursing homes and in the meat industry as the Hotspots of the Corona pandemic turns out to be, but also in the refugee homes.

How many asylum seekers have been infected in Germany since the beginning of the disease, is one no one. 1500 there were in Bavaria alone. And new foci are known. Finally, it gave in Regensburg, Germany, almost 100 infections. In Schweinfurt, Bavaria, and 150 were a total of 580 refugees infected, in Frankfurt, 65 of 385, in North Rhine-Westphalia in Sankt Augustin to 150 from 300. Previously, in Ellwangen, baden-württemberg 380 of 580 and 20 employees.

thousands violated quarantine

In most cases, the authorities responded to the mass outbreaks in order that you abriegelten the homes with fences, the Infected on each of the floors insulated, additional security personnel hired and all the inhabitants under strict quarantine were. The Refugees, whether infected or not, were not allowed to leave the accommodations are often a week long. A study by the University of Bielefeld just came to the conclusion that at least 7300 people were in the last few weeks, so under collective quarantine 70 percent of all refugees in the investigated 42 reception centres.

The asylum seekers would have “felt like prison”, say helper. As soon as a refugee infected new, had extended the curfew for all the other for a further two weeks. In Schweinfurt, the lump-sum output ended lock only recently – after more than eight weeks. Michael Knipper, a migration researcher at the University of Giessen, holds the procedure for “stigmatizing” and “legally questionable”. No other population group has been isolated to this extent.

such As on a cruise ship

For the protection of the health of the collective quarantine has contributed to the hitherto Known very little, rather on the contrary, In the refugee homes have spread the disease as much as on cruise ships, the Bielefeld-based study. The Virus is penetrated in a home, got infected, and after that more than every sixth asylum seekers.

Meanwhile, several lawyers, and lobby groups have against the treatment complained of. In Bavaria, the refugee Council claimed that the accommodation in collective centres, have violated the Corona-protection regulations of the government. In Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig, two pregnant women and two men rode in front of the court that they were released from a closed refugee homes and apartments housed. You could not normally protect against an infection. In Schweinfurt, asylum seekers were demonstrating loudly against the blanket curfew, 16 of them were arrested. Also in many other places, it came to protests.

“Blind spots” in the German System,

The Munich public Prosecutor’s office has taken this week of an investigation in the case of a in April to Covid-19 deceased 35-year-old Afghans. The man had only been a week after the Emergence of serious disease symptoms to the hospital. The suspicion is on negligent homicide. “The state has a duty to Protect,” said the Leipzig lawyer Raik Höfler recently in the “time”. “For all the people in Germany. Not only for German citizens.” In the Asylum of the blind spots” in the otherwise in many respects a model German health care system, were “noted researchers in the British journal “The Lancet”.

In the past few weeks noticed, however, that not all refugee facilities were equally affected. Wherever the accommodations offered more space, the authorities opened an additional building leased or closed facilities, to the occupancy of thinning out, spread the Virus significantly worse. Baden-Württemberg, for instance, reduced the occupancy of its reception places from 60 to 34 percent. Also, the consistent isolation of Infected in external quarantine stations are established. At least as long as the healthy refugees have had, in the meantime, the ability to protect themselves from the Virus.

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