The ex-model Inès de La Fressange married on June 19, 1990 an Italian businessman and art dealer named Luigi d’Urso. More in love than ever, they become parents of two daughters: Nine Marie, February 27, 1994 and Violette Marie, August 6, 1999.

A family life that comes to an abrupt end for the father of the family who dies of a heart attack at his home on March 23, 2006. He was 55 years old. In a novel titled Even the Noise of the Night Has Changed, the couple’s youngest daughter, Violette d’Urso, investigated the life of her father, who was allegedly addicted to drugs and alcohol.

“My father died when I was 6 years old. I could not write a story about him because it is made of imagination. During the writing, the imagination saved me. It constituted a luminous door. J I was able to escape, at regular intervals, from the harshness of reality”, can we read in our colleagues from the Journal du dimanche. To know her father, the 25-year-old young woman tried to unlock the secrets of her family. “To mourn my father, I had to know who he was, but I also realized that I learned about my family secrets at the age when I had to learn them. Today , I can say: my mother preserved me and she was right to do so,” she said.

Since this tragedy, Inès de La Fressange has found love again. In 2009, she had also confided in her love affair with Denis Olivennes, as she had declared to Paris Match.

“He had come to ski with his three sons (…) We became friends and my daughters got on really well with his sons”, she explained and added: “What I dreamed of seemed to be in the realm of the impossible: an intelligent, cultured, funny guy who, moreover, loves my offspring. I was lucky that our paths crossed”. Back in pictures on Inès de La Fressange and Luigi d’Urso.