the next big IPO of a technology company? The ridesharing service Uber is pushing ahead with connoisseurs of the matter, according to his plans for an IPO in the next year. The company had already filed on Thursday of confidential documents.

The news Agency Reuters reported, citing three with the operation of familiar people. It could be one of the largest-ever IPO of a technology company. This applies at least if one starts from the most recent private financing round of over 76 billion dollars was assessed. In the case of a listing on the stock market could be 120 billion dollars. However, it has been the Transfer of valuations in private financings to IPOs in the past often proven to be unreliable. In addition, it varies in the rule.

other Tech companies waiting in the wings

A concrete timetable is still unclear. The information, according to the loss-making company wants to come earlier, but its competitor Lyft, submitted also on Thursday, an application to the stock exchange regulator, the SEC, and according to insiders, already in the first half of 2019, the IPO in the attack could take.

{TRANS jump on the Trading floor could also be one of the largest IPOs of technology companies in the coming year. Is expected to be about the IPO of accommodation service AirBnB, which was recently evaluated, with 31 billion dollars, and the Messenger service Slack, with a score of more than 5 billion dollars. Lyft is valued with $ 15 billion.