This is a new blow to the French wallet. From February 1, 2024, the electricity price should increase by 10% in France (unless last minute changes), according to our colleagues from Paris. The war in Ukraine, one of the largest electricity producers in Europe, led the government to put in place a tariff shield, making it possible to regulate the massive increase in electricity prices. Almost two years after the start of the conflict, and with electricity prices now more flexible in Europe, the government announced last September that it would gradually end this price shield. From February 1, a tax is making a comeback, responsible for this future 10% increase.

This tax is called the TICFE (the internal tax on final consumption of electricity). Lowered significantly so far, it should be reintroduced on February 1, at “70% of its normal level”, expresses Emmanuelle Wargon, president of the CRE (the energy regulatory commission). The reason for the partial reintroduction of this tax is simple: the government wants to little by little (re)earn money linked to electricity, by reintroducing all taxes (VAT and TICFE in particular), to once again obtain profit. This is also what the president of the CRE explains.

Still according to the president of the CRE, reactivating these taxes is a necessity for the State: “The government’s objective is to replenish the public accounts. Which is understood. In the end, if we do not gradually restore taxes to their pre-crisis level, it is the general state budget that will be called upon to contribute,” she notes. In 1 year, the increase in electricity prices has increased twice, by 15 and 10%, respectively in February and August 2023. Still according to Le Parisien, electricity prices in France, until now lower at prices in the rest of Europe, return to an equivalent level. Faced with such increases with direct impacts on the wallets of French people, how can you make some savings on your bill?