Change for your taxes! Since January 1, 2019, the French are subject to withholding tax for their income tax. The amount you owe to the State is deducted each month from your salary by your employer or your pension fund and therefore no longer has to be paid once a year. Big bib-bang of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term, this change had caused a lot of ink to flow and raised many concerns among taxpayers.

The withholding tax allows the tax administration to collect the tax almost in real time, but also to eliminate the one-year lag between the declaration and the levy. For taxpayers who were not paid monthly, its entry into force allowed the payment to be spread over 12 months. Two rates are to be retained.

Four years after its introduction, the withholding tax will get a makeover, announced Elisabeth Borne. Invited to the show C à vous on France 5 this Monday, March 6, the Prime Minister presented an upcoming novelty for your taxes. We will explain everything to you.

On the set of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, Elisabeth Borne announced that the tax rate would be individualized by default for all tax households in France. The latter will allow, according to her, to “take into account the income of each”, since the one who will have the highest salary will have a higher tax rate, logically.

Quoted by, she adds that with “the withholding tax, you have a tax rate for the household which by default is applied to the salary of the gentleman and the salary of his wife. It can happen in a couple that the man has a higher income and therefore a high tax rate. It is this same rate that will be found on his wife’s salary”.

On Twitter, the Prime Minister added: “Taxation should not be an obstacle to the emancipation of women, especially those who have a significant salary gap with their spouse”.

When will this new feature be effective? Should you do something?

On Twitter, Elisabeth Borne specifies that “the individualized withholding tax rate will become the default rate from 2025”. Since this is a default rate, you will not have to take any action if you are in a relationship.

As a reminder, you can adjust your withholding tax rate at any time on your personal space on the website.

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