Income tax: discover the new scale for 2023


This is good news for all French people who pay income tax. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire presented the government’s finance bill for 2023 on Monday, September 26, announcing that the income tax scales would be indexed to inflation, reports

Thus, he specified, “French men and women will not pay more taxes due to inflation”, the government having “chosen to index the scale of income tax on the level of inflation excluding tobacco, i.e. 5.4%”. “We have therefore avoided all those who are subject to income tax from paying more taxes. The disposable income after tax will remain the same for all households even if their salary increases”, added the tenant of Bercy , before concluding: “We therefore remain faithful to our policy of work that pays”.

Concretely, thanks to this new scale, some taxpayers who do not pay taxes will not pay in 2023 either. If the installments had remained the same as last year, then they would have had the unpleasant surprise of paying some. Gabriel Attal, Minister in charge of Public Accounts and quoted by Public Senate, specified that it was “more than 6 billion euros in income tax which would have been levied on the French if we did not take this measure”. Who says new slice therefore says maybe lower taxes for you. You can find out in the slideshow below, looking at the entry revenue of the new installments, starting next year.

These installments will apply on your next tax return, which is due in the spring of 2023. The exact dates of the campaign have not yet been communicated by the government, but it generally begins in April, for end between May and June depending on the area. In the meantime, you can start now to take stock of your situation, especially if you benefit from an advance linked to tax credits which will evolve in the coming months.