Income tax 2023: the new levy thresholds to know


Faced with galloping inflation, and in accordance with the finance bill 2023 adopted by 49.3 on October 19, the executive is implementing a revaluation of the income tax scale by 3.4%. The entry threshold for each progressive tranche of this scale, corresponding to a tax of 11%, 30%, 41% and 45%, will therefore be raised.

The actual thresholds for levying income tax are calculated on the basis of “net taxable income”. This said income is obtained after deduction of 10% of professional expenses, as well as certain charges, such as a potential alimony, or even special allowances for the elderly or disabled, recalls Capital.

The cost of this revaluation is estimated at 6.2 billion euros for public finances. The revaluation of the income tax scale is done every year, in proportion to the forecast evolution of the consumer price index excluding tobacco, also known as inflation…

The increase will come into effect on January 1, 2023, and will therefore apply to the declaration of income for 2022, which will be done in the spring. For example, entry into the 30% bracket will no longer be from an income of 26,070 euros as this year, but only from 27,478 euros. Those whose salary would not increase by more than 5.4% compared to last year will therefore save a little next spring!

Find below if you will be taxable next year, depending on the shares of your tax household…