In the case of a serious Explosion in the middle of Paris came, according to official figures on Saturday, three people were killed. In the case of two of the victims were firefighters, wrote to France’s interior Minister Christophe Castaner on Saturday on Twitter. So he corrected his own earlier statements: In television, he had spoken first of four dead. Speakers from the police and the Ministry confirmed the German press Agency that two people had died.

From the Spanish Ministry of foreign Affairs it was said that a Spanish tourist had been killed. The Spaniard had died “recently in the hospital,” it said . Accordingly, the wife with her husband on holiday in the French capital.

The Explosion occurred on Saturday at around 9: 00 in the Rue de Trévise, about a Kilometer away from the Paris Opera. According to the Tweet of the Minister of the interior, 47 people were injured, ten of them severely. Much of the language for an accident.

Originally, the fire brigade had been called because of a suspected Gas leaks at the location of the later Explosion, a police spokeswoman said in the Morning. Around 100 police officers and 200 firefighters were, according to the Minister of the interior. The security authorities evaluated whether neighboring buildings were damaged and a hazard could arise. But the situation is under control, it was said in the morning.

television pictures showed thick smoke, the urge for hours out of the building. The glass panes were broken by the force of the Explosion, media reported. Local journalists said on TV, the Scene looked like after a bomb attack. The area was spaciously.

A local resident from a nearby house BFMTV said: “I felt my house for one or two seconds in its foundations tottered. I was wondering if there was an assassination attempt, I had a bit of fear.“