In the USA, a woman sank into the sand on a beach. Her husband reacted quickly.

A beach in Maine, USA, is having problems with quicksand, reports the New York Post. Visitor Jamie Acord sank “like a stone” at Popham Beach. Acord sank into the sand up to her hips.

Acord said, “I couldn’t feel the bottom.” She remembers panicking and not being able to escape the sand. However, her husband Patrick reacted quickly and pulled her out of the hole before she was stuck in sand up to her waist.

Every year, 225,000 people visit the beach in Popham. It is a popular tourist destination in the state of Maine. It is located east of the city of Portland. The beach ranger, Sean Vaillencourt, gave the all-clear: “The reality is that you will not drown in this sand.”

According to “Planet-Wissen”, quicksand is a loose sandy soil that has little bearing capacity due to the mixture with water, so that people and objects can sink into it. Quicksand also exists in Germany. It also occurs here on beaches, lakes, rivers, in gravel pits and in mudflats. However, people cannot sink completely into quicksand. The buoyancy of the body is too great. Instead, people float in quicksand as if in water. Nevertheless, prohibition signs should be taken seriously.

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