Incident during the world Ski Championships in 2017 – PC-7-team leader will be indicted after the collision due to the squandering of Material and disruption of operations: The military justice charges against the former team leader of the aerobatic team charge. One of his pilots collided in St. Moritz by cable car camera.UPDATE FOLGTDas Team of the PC-7 aerobatic team, during a demonstration in St. Moritz.Photo: Christian Beutler/Keystone

The Swiss military justice system has been charged after a collision of a PC-7 aircraft with a cable car, camera in St. Moritz in 2017 indictment against the former Team leader of the aerobatic team. The criminal case against the pilot of the aircraft was set.

The Team-leader may be accused of abuse and squandering of Material, disturbance of businesses that serve the General public as well as non-observance of service regulations, as the military judiciary announced on Friday. For the defendant the presumption of innocence applies to continue to.

landing with a damaged wing

the aircraft of the aerobatic team PC-7 Team had a flight demonstration on 17. February 2017 touches on the occasion of the world Ski Championships in St. Moritz with a wing of the main cable of a SRF-cable car camera. The rope broke and the camera fell in the target area in front of the grandstand. No one was hurt.

The severed rope was thrown in the direction of the chairlift, and damaged the Plexiglas dome of a chair and got caught. The safety device switched off, the system is automatically and the operation of the chairlift was interrupted for 20 minutes.

The PC-7 pilot could independently land in Samedan – he was damaged by the collision, but on the wing. The repair cost was around 75’000 francs. The damage to the suspension device for the camera, the camera itself, as well as the nearby chair lift amounted to several hundred thousand Swiss francs.