has brought Three and a half weeks after in the United States, a woman in a vegetative state birth to a child, has taken the police in the state of Arizona a Suspect accused of sexual abuse. The man was 36 years old and have worked as a nurse in the institution in which the woman was housed, informed the police chief of Phoenix, Jeri Williams, on Wednesday. He was strongly accused to have the woman abused. The police came to the man with a DNA Test on the track.

According to investigators, the 36-Year-old is now in custody. He had not commented on the allegations so far. It is unclear whether he needs the victim of multiple abuse, and may also find that other people have passed. Also, if he was previously in other institutions, is not yet known. The studies went further, said the investigators. Evidence of involvement of other persons was not there yet. The Baby don’t go well, it should be in the hospital. For more Details, the police are not called.

The woman had brought the child at the end of December in the nursing home and to the world after years in a coma. According to American media reports, is a 29-year-old woman who drowned years ago in an accident almost and then came to consciousness.