Your son is about to enjoy a rollercoaster, and your daughter is waving at you on the merry-go-round. You can feel the hunger in your belly on the waves aboard a pirate ship. At that moment, stop and think about the safety and security of the facility? Or how the plant is built? In the park are technicians, is a vital link in the chain. They will increase your geluksniveau on it.

Geert Lernout, from Zwevegem, is the Technical Director at Bellewaerde in Ypres. He is a 47 years old, graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree in Electricity and is in charge of 5 teams: mechanical, electrical, groendienst, home decor, and general maintenance. Three years ago, he walked through a park in Germany, and I thought, “That must be fun to work it. A lot of out of it, I can give the visitor a great day out, the work is varied and the attractions are high-tech.”

Today, he works at an amusement park. His main concern? “Have a tight schedule to respect, and safety in commitment.” When the park is open from easter to Halloween, the technical services, to the daily internal inspections of the tourist attractions. The water park is open year-round. Geert and his team solve problems at lightning speed to. Scheduled maintenance is limited to the smaller of the interventions, such as smeerwerken. During the five cold months, the big maintenance, and all revisions will take place. In addition, we projects.

just About every year, a large investment is held in a new facility. “We can pick and choose on the basis of safety, capacity, target group, budget, and location,” said Job. “Once the choice is made, I will follow the process closely.” Before entering the attraction are operational and running, is, of course, is an in-depth verification by a third party. All of the critical points that have been mentioned in the checklist. “The checklist must be fully checked off the list,” says Geert convincing. “When the facility is ready for use.”

finally, An external company performs, and anyway twice a year to check on all the rides just before and just after the tourist season. They also carry out simulations to assess the impact of the fierce wind, an attraction to explore.