Sint-Gillis-Waas –

Firefighters will have a Saturday afternoon is a horse, of death by drowning may be able to save it after it is on a wide canal, so it was on to the Groendijkstraat.

The animal was accidentally discovered by a fisherman and his rowboat, which happens to be the canal had gone up. ”I’ll be a little further down-regulated fishing, as I’ve found a fisherman’s house, and I have my rowing boat are available. It is a rare thing for me to get hazards. Too much of a coincidence, I’m on the horse in this way. The animals were all quite tired. The water is a good foot deep, but the horse with his feet in the mud, and fallen in and got stuck. I’m the head of the beast, in my boat, hung out, and the emergency service call”.

The brandweerposten in Sint-Gillis-Waas and Charleroi came to the place, but it could also call for assistance from a handler, the gemeentedienst, because of the heavy fire was one of the hard-to-reach, more pasture will be avoided. After half an hour, the light had weakened the animal back on dry land, lifting. It was not clear how long the horse was already in the water. Also, the vet was on the scene to find out who the horse was, and is, to the animal, and the care to be administered. After about 5 minutes, it was the horse, get back on his feet. Earlier in the day, there was even a horse in a ditch, so the ‘ Sint-Niklaasstraat in Sint-Gillis-Waas. Also, here is the fire and the animal in its precarious position herself.

Photo: bfs, Image: bfs