Ireland will ask the European Union in the event of a hard Brexit to further bailouts in the millions. “We are talking here of hundreds of millions,” said Minister of agriculture, Michael Creed of the newspaper “Irish Independent” on Thursday. In the beef and fishing industries go to “huge sums of money”.

the UK wants the 29. March from the EU to escape. To date, there is no valid exit of the contract. For a Prime Minister, Theresa May, with the EU negotiated a draft contract, there is as yet no majority in the British Parliament. Thus, the risk that the UK leaves the EU without the agreement grows. Then the re-introduction of border controls between the EU member Ireland and the United Kingdom have been threatened.

A large part of Irish exports, especially in the beef, dairy and fishing industry, go to the UK. Ireland is very heavily dependent on the British market, said Minister of agriculture Creed. But there is still the hope that, in London at the end of “a certain degree of reason prevail” and the Brexit Treaty draft would be adopted.

Ireland but also benefits from the Brexit

On Thursday, the Irish Cabinet emergency wanted to plans for the case of a hard Brexit debate. Up to 45 new legislation would then be fast –tracked through Parliament brought all the other act projects had to be suspended.

Ireland and Germany are, according to the government in Dublin agreed that the Brexit agreement with the UK should not be broken up. In a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel had also been agreed that the British should, as far as possible, made representations, said Prime Minister Leo Varadkar on Thursday.

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May wants to catch up with other EU member States and the EU Commission’s assurances that the of Ireland, adjacent to the United Kingdom can not be held to an outlet indefinitely in a customs Union with the EU. May has prompted the UK
members of the year, to support their Brexit plans.